A step-by-step quality control of production process is an essential part of corporate strategy and culture. Testing laboratory of the company is equipped with a set of IMAL (Italy) laboratory equipment and allows to do necessary testing of all products regularly directly at the mill.

The quality of plywood produced by Plyterra corresponds to the International Standard GOST 3916.1-96. Emission class of free formaldehyde is E1 (correspondingly its content is till 10 mg /100 g of dry product).

Strength properties of plywood produced by Plyterra are certified in accordance with the European standard EN 13986.

A high level of product quality management is confirmed with the certificates issued by German Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm Klauditz-Institut (WKI) and with the documents of internal production control.



Birch Plywood Exterior 4x8

Birch Plywood Exterior 5х5

Birch Plywood Interior 5х5


Film Faced Plywood 4x8


Fire-retardant plywood for Building Industry – Exterior

Fire-retardant plywood for Carriages – Exterior

Fire-Retardant plywood for interior use in Underground Carriages (Railway coaches for passengers)

Antivibrating Fire-Retardant Plywood (possible with coating) for Carriage

"PlyGuard Phon" (Sound Insulation Fire-retardant plywood)

Bed Slats

Vlast Truda Plywood Plant, JSC

ISO 9001

Vlast Truda Plywood Plant, JSC


Plyterra, JSC

Vlast Truda Plywood Plant, JSC

Internal Documents

Plyterra, JSC